Our Services

WareHouse Management

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages and integrates control of the material handling systems throughout the Warehouse.

Customised and user-friendly, it interfaces with with our clients ERP systems and can be accessed remotely via the internet.

It generates unique code for each incoming inventory and optimizes movement flows and processes batch under FIFO system


We manage the inbound and outbound transportation of our clients. We provide flexible warehousing space to our clients to manage their dip and surge in sales.

We have regional partners for secondary movement of goods from warehouse to DCs and Retailers. Our WMS pulls out the sales invoice from clients ERP and processes the dispatch order within seconds followed by Picking, Consolidation // Binning and loading.

Micro Distribution Centres

We enable our clients to store inventory closer to customers to enable ultra fast or scheduled delivery possible.

We have built MDC's in major consumer centres to meet the festive demands without any delay in deliveries.

We enable our clients to make express deliveries for B2B and B2C orders.

Dark Stores

We enable our clients to stock their inventory near the delivery points for faster deliveries

Dark Stores helps in inventory optimisation reducing the working capital requirement

Dark stores help in reducing LMD cost by 20 to 30% as shorter distance are covered by delivery executive allowing maximum deliveres Enroute.

Last Mile Delivery

LMD is the final journey of the Packet from warehouse shelf to the customer's door step, it is a key to customer delight.

We are using various Algorithms and AI to optimise the route for the delivery partner taking care of the cost and schedule for deliveries.

We keep working on new technologies to reduce cost of LMD and bring smiles to our customers.